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Based on unique context and needs.


Companies are constantly seeking the most cost effective means for running the solutions that power their businesses. Cloud platforms enable more options to build and deploy solutions. We have many ways to help you find the best possible combination of the platform offerings for your solution.


Custom Code

We can either augment your engineering team with one of our professional consultants or build an application in-house to meet your requirements.

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Architecture Advisory

There are many ways and combinations to achieve similar results, but we respond to your unique requirements with the right combination of attributes. We do not consider a job properly finished if the focus is only on functionality. Rather, we strive to address your unique needs regarding key aspects such as security, performance, availability, usability, interoperability, modifiability, portability, reusability and testability.


Architecture Review

In addition to architecture and design advisory services to work with your team to develop an architecture and design for the cloud that best meets the busines and technical requirements, we can often review and architecture and design bringing our years of cloud experience to the team.

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Lifecycle Management

Although there is a lot of common ground to developing solutions in Windows Azure and on-premises it's also different in a lot of ways. Beacause of these differences we are often asked to help in the process to development and deploy a Windows Azure application.