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Exploiting the benefits of the cloud.


Hybrid solutions are becoming far more complex leveraging right mix of public cloud and on-premises resources for the solution. We have been very instrumental in developing industry guidance through our contribution to the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Hybrid Cloud Application Guidance. Our staff can bring this expertise to your organization to help you find the best possible combination of the platform offerings for your solution.



Many of companies benefiting from the value of running their solutions in the cloud didn't start with a new solution designed for the cloud. We have helped many of our customers with task of moving all or part of an existing solution to the cloud. We are a contributer to the Patterns and Practices Cloud Migration Guidance.



One of the benefits the cloud offers is the ability to quickly scale solutions out and even back in based on demand. Cloud solutions can even be developed and deployed such that they scale through an automated rules based engine. Our team has been involved in the automated scaling of Windows Azure resources since the very first day it was possibele in Windows Azure. We are responsibel for much of the community samples on the topic and the were deeply involved in design and implementation of the Autoscaling feature in the Patterns and Practices Microsoft Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure.


Health Monitoring

One of the challenges in deploying a multi-tenant solution to the cloud can be in determining the overall health and performance of the application. Cloud platforms offer some tools and technologies to help with this challenge and we have helped our customers determine how to leverage these technologies in their solution.

Multiple People

Multi-Tenant SaaS

Multi-tenancy has been a common requirement in many of the solutions we have helped our customers develop on cloud technologies and migrate to the cloud. In addition to helping our clients delivering multi-tenant solutions our knowledge and experience has supported the delivery of community content on the subject, like the popular Cloud Ninja Project and the Patterns and Practices Developing Multi-tenant Applications for the Cloud.



Security is a principal concern when entrusting an organization’s valuable information to the cloud. Designing security into cloud software during the development life cycle can greatly reduce the attack surface.